Chimerabondage – Ariel Anderssen

Ariel Anderssen has over spent on frivolous items and she knows she will need to be punished. Ariel removes her dress and bra then secures her ankles and legs to the legs of the chair she is sat on with a further leather strap around her waist to the back of the chair. After fastening her slave collar around her neck Ariel places lead weighted clover clamps onto her labia before increasing her pain by adding extra weights to them. Now it is time to add clover clamps to her nipples and pegs to her breasts before switching on the machine that is connected to her nipple clamps and securing her wrists into handcuffs behind her back. As the machine turns it pulls on her nipple clamps in a circular motion punishing her sensitive nipples. Ariel knows she has been very bad and needs to increase her pain to please her master so begins to slide her chair away from the machine increasing the tension on her nipples until the clover clamps are painfully pulled from her nipples.