Chrissy Marie – Helplessly Hogcuffed

Help! A man broke into my house and is going to capture me for his business! I beg him to leave me alone but he orders me to put shackles on my ankles very tightly so that I cannot get away. He orders me onto my stomach as I ask him over and over what it is he is going to do with me. I ask if he wants money, but he says he is going to make more off of me than I would ever be able to pay him! He handcuffs me, looping the cuffs through my the chain on my shackles, leaving me helplessly hogcuffed!

He pulls up my crop top and pulls my panties down just to the bottom of my ass, groping and humiliating me. I struggle hard, but the shackles are very painful digging in to my ankles if I pull on them too hard. I try crying for help as there is no way to escape the cuffs. The man returns and ballgags me to shut me up. I continue to struggle throughout the rest of the clip, causing the cuffs and shackles to be quite noisy as the chains rub against each other. I try to get to my cell phone and call for help, but I can’t manage, and instead start drooling all over my bed. The chains of the cuffs and shackles slide between my ass cheeks and along my pink pussy, spreading it in the process, and it even start to arouse me despite my dangerous predicament.


chrissy marie hogcuffed