Sasha Darling – bent in heels

The portable pillory is a wonderfully difficult bondage position. It’s one of those super awkward squatting poses that are unrelenting. Sasha’s wrists are bound to the ends of a wooden poll, and her neck is tied to the center. The two chains running from each ankle up to her wrists completely prevent her from standing upright. But the chain running from the back of her neck up to the ceiling does an equally good job preventing her from lowering herself even an inch. The resulting bent position is made worse by having a gorgeous pair of 5″ heels strapped to her feet. This arches her back even further and shows off those gorgeous legs. Enjoy your bondage little one! Rachel Greyhound makes an appearance and teases the nude Sasha a little, asking her if she likes her shoes. Sasha must endure this difficult position and balance in the heels.


sasha darling bondage video screens